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You may need something, if you’re reading this. Our exclusive focus is on value-add opportunities and re-positioning assets for our clients and investors. What does that mean? It means we fix stuff and clean up the messes that you are in. Our specific strengths are in:
• Distressed Assets or Companies (or even distressed people)
• Commercial and Investment Properties
• Cannabis Licenses, Businesses, and Real Estate in Washington State

You can consider us “the fixers.” After valuing nearly 6 million S.F and over 2,500 acres of commercial real estate for institutional lenders, successfully completing over 200 distressed asset sales, and seeing over 60 cannabis license and business transfers, we have the knowledge in these challenging and complicated fields that no one else does. If you want to make it through your toughest times, then you need a true expert to guide you there. Someone who has a proven track record and can navigate the continually changing landscape.

Whether selling or re-positioning your assets or buying your next investment, we create value through more innovative and cost-effective solutions. From initial project consultation through final implementation, we have the expertise and resources to guide you through each step of the process, while also saving you considerable time, money, and energy.

Sometimes all it takes is a single phone call, sometimes it takes a whole lot more. Depending on the complexity of your deal, our services are structured on either a flat fee, monthly payment plan, and/or commission basis. When we work for you, we are working toward the same goals.

First, let’s see if your project or opportunity is a good fit.

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Areas of Expertise


That’s just fancy talk for buy and sell. What is your property worth? What is the actual highest and best use? What and how should you pay for that piece of land or old tear-down that has been condemned? How do you get the most value from your cannabis company? Is it just better to cut ties and bail now? No matter what the project, you need to plan accordingly, especially after you factor in taxes.

• Asset Acquisition, Investment Real Estate
• Site Searches and Acquisition
• Single Asset + Portfolio Evaluation
• Single Asset + Portfolio Disposition
• Cannabis Use Properties in Washington
• CannaBusiness Brokerage/Repositioning
• Cannabis License Sales and Advertising


A successful investment requires careful planning and strategy in order to work. Shocking, right? This strategy can either detail out how do you get yourself into a project, through it, and back out again with the highest profit margins and lowest liability available.

Look, we don’t have a crystal ball, but we learn a lot out on the streets every day watching the market and what is going on. A thorough analysis from the global view down to the dirt you want to buy or sell, along with an accurate time frame and appropriate lease-up and ramp-up costs make all the difference on whether a project is profitable, whether it frees you up from the liability, or whether it collapses in on itself. Timing is everything in the market. The good deals don’t sit around and wait and the longer you don’t deal with a problem, the worse it gets. Be prepared and have a realistic timeframe of how long it will take and what it will cost. We can help you with that.

• Consulting and Strategy Sessions
• Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies
• Unit Mix Analysis and Lease Review with Recommendations
• CannaBusiness and Real Estate Portfolio Recommendations and Strategic Planning


Sometimes life happens and we need Plan B. There are more creative solutions to mitigate taxes, liability, or management issues. No matter what, there is a solution. Sometimes a combination of them, that will meet your needs. We will always find a way that works.

• Sale and Lease-Back
• Installment Sales or Seller Financing
• Auction
• Lease with Option to Purchase
• 1031 Exchange (requires intermediary)
• Receivership, CannaBusiness and/or Real Estate
• Sale and Lease-Back, Canna Real Estate
• CannaBusiness Seller Financing


You want to make some money, but do not want to actually be involved. There are other ways to invest in real estate, without being the owner. Like many of us, you’re probably chasing yields. Since 2008, I’ve been able to consistently offer my passive investors returns in the double digits for solid opportunities. These opportunities are on a case-by-case basis depending on the situation.

• Debt Investor
• Joint Ventures or Partnership Opportunities
• Acquisition at Auction
• CannaBusiness Partnerships or Financiers


Then life takes another sudden turn and now you are on Plan C or D. There are options to relieve some of the pain, frustration, stress, and embarrassment. Each situation is confidential. It’s amazing the number of stories we will take to the grave. For over a decade, we have worked with a wide range of professionals and have helped countless people get their lives back on track.

• Receivership
• Sale and Lease-Back Opportunities
• Auction
• Bankruptcy
• Forebearance or Loan Modifications
• Short Sale
• Foreclosure
• Receivership, CannaBusiness and/or Real Estate++


As most investors know, the higher the Net Operating Income, the higher the property value. However, it’s more than just income. The terms of your lease and stability of your tenant impact your value too. As part of your sales preparation, we work with you to ensure the property is performing where it should be. I will give you the data to make sure your leases are at market and make recommendations that will increase your bottom line.

• Lease Analysis and Recommendations
• Lease Consolidation + Re-negotiation
• Cannabis Real Estate Lease Review and Recommendations


There are no shortcuts to life’s greatest achievements.
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